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Committed to Hiring Workers
Over 50 & Veterans

We are a proud participant in the national AARP Employer Pledge Program. This effort is to help employers solve their current and future staffing challenges and direct job seekers to employers that value and are hiring experienced workers.

As an AARP partner, we signed a pledge that we…
  • Provide equal opportunity for all workers, regardless of age
  • Believe that 50+ workers should have a level playing field in their ability to compete for and obtain jobs
  • Recognize the value of experienced workers
  • Recruit across diverse age groups and consider all applicants on an equal basis




Outsource Consulting Services, Inc.( embraces equal opportunity. We are dedicated to building an inclusive workforce that embodies a diversity of experiences, views and skill sets.

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For certain positions within governmental agencies, the District of Columbia, and/or with prime contractors where we subcontract, compensation falls under the provisions of the Service Contract Act (SCA).

Please review “Notice to Employees Working on Government Contracts“, at